Saturday, September 8, 2012

First Day of First Grade (and Third Grade)

I was really dreading the first day of school this year because we have had a wonderful summer, the best ever.  I was able to work three ten hour days and be home two weekdays with the kids, and Dan was able to arrange to have most Fridays off.  The kids actually enjoyed the two days per week in their summer day care program.  I had time to take the kids to the beach, work in the garden, or teach the kids things I would never attempt during the hectic school year, like how to clean a toilet!  I know they were thrilled about that.  Dan said to me, "No wonder they want to spend more time at day care!"

Now that we have the first week of school under our belt, I think I can do it -- get back into the school schedule.  The kids were so excited to start school, they have made it easy for me so far.  I wish every week could go this well.

One thing that will be tough this year, is that the boys have memory work for school every day except Monday -- usually a Bible verse, but for Fridays, they have to memorize a verse of a hymn.  This, I can tell you, will be a challenge.

Anna is truly excited to learn to read "real" books this year.  She's already geared up for the classroom reading contest.

We will have to wait to see what else this year has in store.