Saturday, December 24, 2011

Christmas Eve

After breakfast, the kids each got to open a Christmas present early.

Elsie, Ethan, Ehren and Christian all got a bow and arrow set. Elsie and Ethan completed a bow-hunter education class this year, so they each got a real compound bow.

Ehren and Christian inherited Elsie and Ethan's old toy bows from Cabela's.

Anna got a set of snap beads to play with during the day.

The dads and all the kids except Anna hurried over to the local sporting goods store so that Elsie and Ethan could get fitted for their bows before everything closed for Christmas.  Meanwhile, Anna and the moms worked on preparing Christmas food.  Anna learned how to make cream cheese onion rollups.

She made a whole plateful of cream cheese rollups.

Later in the afternoon, Elsie and Anna made a birthday cake, a recipe that Jenna learned in Germany when she was an exchange student.  You layer store-bought biscuit cookies with a chocolate sauce.  The chocolate softens the biscuit cookies.

Here's my mom taking a break from kitchen duties.

In the evening, we went to a cozy Christmas Eve service at my sister's church. We returned to listen to my kids recite the Christmas Bible readings they learned for their school program. Then it was finally time to help ourselves to Christmas food (a buffet of delicious snacks) while the kids opened presents.

Here's our whole group posing for a picture in front of the beautiful native-stone fireplace.  In addition to my sister's family and my family, our group included my parents, JB's parents, and Kathryn, a wonderful woman who works at my sister's office.

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