Monday, January 3, 2011

Keep It For My Kids

Last night I was going through the boys' closet removing shirts they've outgrown.  Christian said, "What about the Thomas shirt?"  I said, "Right, good idea.  It's time to get rid of that one."  I flipped through the hangers until I found one of the most battered t-shirts in their closet.  It came to us as a hand-me-down and then was worn and worn and worn.  When I pulled it out, Christian said, "Keep it for my baby."  I said, "What?" and then thought for a minute and continued, "Do you mean you want to save this shirt for your kids?"  He said, "Yeah, keep it for my kids."


  1. Aww! I remember those shirts! I remember meltdowns when they couldn't have them either! You could also upcycle them into pillows. I did that with some of my old cast t-shirts from when I did theatre.

  2. A t-shirt pillow is a very cool idea!