Friday, July 15, 2011


This week Dan and I undertook a long-overdue project:  separating the boys' clothes.  The boys will be sharing a room for the foreseeable future, but they shouldn't have to continue to share all their clothes.  We finally re-organized their closet so they can each have their own half:  Ehren on the left; Christian on the right.  As the parent, it's too easy to just put everything together for them.  But even though they're identical twins, they're seven now, and it's time they had individual ownership of some things.

Now if only they'd stop wanting to sleep in the same bed!  If they could choose, they would still sleep together every night.


  1. Wow..looks great, it's a good feeling to be organized. I wouldn't know the feeling these days as our house is in shambles with all of the boxes! By the way...I love all of your photos from your trip!

  2. Oh...and I forgot to mention how absolutely sweet it is that they like to sleep beside one another!

  3. Looking good! I am delaying that project for as looooooong as possible. For my sanity.