Thursday, July 21, 2011

It's a New Morning

This summer is a whole new day care adventure for our family. No more au pair. Four days of the summer day care program run through our local school district.  Dan and I adjusting our work schedules to drop off and pickup.  Ehren LOVES it.  Christian likes it.  Anna is sad.

Pro: Mom gets mornings with the kids.
Con: Mom gets mornings with the kids.

Pro:  The day care program takes the kids to swimming lessons in the school district.
Con:  The kids go to swimming lessons without mom three out of the four days each week.

Here's how it's gone so far this week (only our second week in day care because of vacations and cousin visits, etc.).

Monday: Christian refused to get dressed (in his swim suit and swim shirt) because he decided he did not want to go to swimming lessons (even though he went all last week without issue).  I ended up dressing him in regular shorts and a t-shirt and packing his swim clothes. When we finally got out the door, his teeth were not brushed, and I was 15 minutes late for work. After I dropped off the kids, I had no idea if he would cooperate with the staff when it was time to shuttle over for swimming lessons. All morning I was waiting for a phone call from the staff saying that we were on probation (or kicked out) because of Christian's behavior. Thankfully he didn't have any troubles (or if he did, I didn't hear about it).

Tuesday: The kids did a good job getting ready, but I forgot to pack lunches and had to do it at the last minute. When we arrived at the school I forgot the new door code for the preschool building, so I had to make an extra trip to the office to get it. I was 15 minutes late for work.

Wednesday: Christian refused to get dressed again because his "right" swimsuit was accidentally left at the school on Tuesday. For whatever reason, he wouldn't wear his green swim shorts or his white swim shirt. I left him sit in his room crying about it, while the rest of us ate breakfast and got ready. I'd like to tell you I was all "ABA" and full of motivational ideas to get him moving, but frankly, I was just frustrated.  Finally with some help from Ehren, we found a black swim shirt, and Christian agreed to wear some black swim shorts that are a little big for him (even though I was terrified they would be falling off him while he didn't even notice). I tried to show him how to tie them in the inside to tighten them, but let's face it, he's not awesome at that. On the way out the door, he ate two breakfast sausages and some strawberries. Of course his teeth were not brushed (again), but we were on schedule. After dropping of the boys in the second grade room, I walked Anna over to her preschool room. On the way, she reminded me that I forgot to hug her good-bye on Tuesday. I said we'd have an extra big hug today. When we got to her room, she wouldn't let go of me. She cried and held on to me for 10 minutes despite every diversionary tactic employed by the staff and me. Finally, It was clear I had to leave her in tears. I was 15 minutes late for work again.

It's another new morning tomorrow.  Here's hoping we find our groove.

PS - Bara and Marina, I know you can relate since you have been getting my kids ready for school and other activities in the morning for two years!

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  1. Hang in there sweetie. I'd like to say it's going to get easier and you'll break into a routine...but no. Or at least I haven't yet...and I'm always 15 minutes late, heehee:)

    Hope you're having an awesome summer!