Thursday, August 4, 2011

Birthday Recap

Anna was very excited for her birthday this year, and I'd say she got to fully celebrate it... several times.  On her actual birthday, she woke up to a candlelit crepe for breakfast and then got to bring treats to share with the kids in her summer day care program.

Over the weekend, she had her party.  She had been dreaming of a Hawaiian theme since we saw some Hawaiian party decorations on an end cap at Michael's last winter.  The best part {for me} was that it turned out the Dollar Store had a whole aisle of Hawaiian party decorations!  What a bargain. 

We broke out the slip n' slide again this year.  Ehren embraced it with gusto!

As did Anna.  No princess here.

Christian hesitated a little.

But got into the mix eventually.

And to top off this hot, hot summer birthday party, there was a pinata (a turtle to fit our Hawaiian theme).  Unlike the rest of the Dollar Store decorations, the pinata was pretty expensive... especially considering I got in a parking lot fender bender at the store where I was buying it over my lunch hour.  Yes, it was my fault, so there goes our accident-free insurance discount for the next three years.

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