Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Rising Waters

Not long after we arrived at my sister's, the river water started rising. We were lounging at the "beach" with our chairs half in the water while the kids played. We noticed our chairs seemed to be "sinking." "Do you think the river's going up?" someone asked. We planted a stick in the water to see if the water was rising. It was, and fast.  It took just over 24 hours to return to normal. Good-bye river-bottom explorations, easy-to-catch fish, and sandbar beaches. Hello dock, boat and water skiing.

August 21, 5:35 pm

August 22, 8:56 am

August 22, 6:23 pm

August 23, 5:07 pm

As you can imagine, there was a lot of debris making its way downstream after the water rose so quickly -- like this giant stump picked up by the rising waters. So while the dock could go in immediately, the water skiing had to wait a few days...

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