Thursday, March 17, 2011

Cherish the Stories

Tonight, Anna reminded that she will be turning FIVE {but not until the end of the summer!}.  We had a long {one-sided} conversation about all the details of the outdoor birthday party she's planning.  But she's not five yet, and before my little girl grows up, I want to remember some of our favorite children's books.

Lilly's Purple Plastic Purse (by Kevin Henkes)

Anna received this book as a gift when she was a baby.  It collected dust on the bookshelf for a few years, while we were busy reading boy-themed books to her older brothers.  When Anna was three, we watched Lilly's Purple Plastic Purse at the Duluth Playhouse {my cousin was in the play}.  That's when we started reading the book, and I fell in love.  If you want to know how I thought and acted in elementary school, just read the book.  Lilly is me {except she's way more fashionable}.

Anna now has the book memorized.  I think her favorite line is in the description of Lilly's teacher, Mr. Slinger (who thinks desks in rows are old-fashioned and boring): "Can you rodents handle a semicircle?"  She laughs everytime I read it, and I've heard her quoting it.  Probably only Anna and I think this is so funny.

We also love another book by Kevin Henkes called Chrysanthemum.  It's about a little girl who loves her name (Chrysanthemum) until she starts school, and her classmates mock her for it.  Of course, it's a feel-good children's book with a happy ending, so go read it!

Time for Bed (by Mem Fox/Jane Dyer)

Time for bed is a sweet book with short soothing lines for small children.  Even though you can't see it from our battered copy pictured above, the illustrations are beautiful.  I loved reading this book to the boys when they were small.  They always referred to it as "Mommy's favorite book."  If they wanted me to read it, they would always say, "Mommy, what about your favorite book?  Read us your favorite book." 

I have it memorized.  Sometimes if they were sick or having a hard time going to sleep, I would just sit by their bedside and recite it to them in the dark.


  1. I love "It's Time For Bed". It's my favorite too and sometimes I coerce the kids into letting me read it again :)

  2. This is so touching! I am writing this with teary eyes. It makes me think of all the great books in our family, especially those that we have memorized...Run Henry Run and Seven Silly Eaters. I have yet to make it through 'Love you Forever' without a crackly voice and quivering lip.

  3. 'Love You Forever' is a wonderful book, but it is such a tear-jerker. Just like you, I can't read it without watery eyes. I'll have to check out the other two.