Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Falling Like Dominoes

Christian was down with a high fever and cough the last two days.  He spent last night right next to our bed.  His fever was too high to be left alone {even after children's ibuprofen}, and he was too hot to climb into our bed {where he'd get even warmer}. 

Thankfully, he sprung back today.  He was a homework superhero and made fast work of catching up with what he missed in school.

But shortly after coming home from school today, twin number two was down. 

Who will be next?


  1. I am SO sorry! I hope everyone is better soon! Love you guys!

  2. yeah, they do that, don't they -- knock each other down like dominoes! Will you be at the sale?

  3. I will be at the sale if ever get my stuff entered!!! That's what's in store for my weekend.