Tuesday, October 25, 2011

It's the Little Things

It's the little things.  It always has been.  When Ehren and Christian were tiny little month-early newborns, it was the first time we got the ok to let them wake up on their own at night instead of waking them up to feed every four hours.  Then there was the first time they {and we} slept 6 hours in a row.  A little while later, it was when they were big enough to nurse in bed with me.  Imagine, I could feed them and sleep at the same time!  Farther down the road, it was when they could hold their own bottles.  Then they grew into toddlers and could play with each other {without needing so much parental attention}.  Maybe it was because we were first-time parents or maybe it was because they were twins, but every little milestone felt like such a major victory.

Tonight we passed another of those little milestones.  Anna and I were playing Boggle Junior when I mentioned that everyone's fingernails needed to be cut.  A few minutes later, I looked up to see Christian clipping his nails.  On his own, he'd gone to get the clippers and started clipping his own nails.  No assistance or intervention from me {other than redirecting him to clip over the trash can} and the kid clipped all ten of his nails.  Woohooo!  Am I the only one who hates clipping {60!} nails?  This coming from a kid who was in OT working on fine motor skills just two short years ago.  Little thing.  Major victory.

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  1. I will celebrate this victory with you sister...yes these moments are pivotal...gaining independence naturally is so encouraging to see in any of our children, especially our lovies who are on the spectrum.