Tuesday, October 4, 2011


Are you sick of hearing about handwriting yet?  Well, I forgot to mention that last week, Ehren got his first S+ in handwriting.  So Ehren and Christian have each earned one S+ in handwriting, and I'm happy.  Now they know, and I know, that they can do it.

Today, we got the boys' midterm report cards.  We've been working so hard on handwriting, so it was good to see them both get their first "S" in handwriting instead of the usual S-.  But holy buckets, they have C's in other subjects like Social Studies and Grammar.  Uh oh.  I wasn't expecting that {and we are still in the first grade review stage of second grade}.  I guess those are the next areas to start tackling.  Grammar is going to be tough because a lot of it relies on things sounding right -- picking the right word or part of speech.  Since Christian's spoken grammar is still off, I suspect it's hard for him to know what sounds "right." 

The list of things to work on is long.  But even without constant reminders, Ehren and Christian are still trying hard on each handwriting sheet.  They care.  And that's the most important thing.  Maybe, if Dan and I can help them find a way to carry this over to other subjects, things will start looking up.  It's not just a saying:   Attitude is everything.  For me.  For them.

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  1. Good for them. They'll find their groove with your help!