Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Desperate for Green

Ah what I won't do for a little bit of fresh, green goodness during a Minnesota winter... like potting fresh grocery store herbs meant to be eaten.  Yes, my friends, these were spendy bedding plants.

I bought these large white ceramic pots from Ikea for $2.99 each (the same price as those ridiculous herbs).

Then off I went to the shore of our backyard pond to scrape up a few shovelfuls of pea gravel from under the snow.  Are you picturing me out there, scraping in the snow, suburban neighbors wondering if maybe I need one of these sun lamps for S.A.D. (maybe I do)?   After my snowy trek, I lined the bottom of the pots with the rock for drainage.

I lucked out and found one proper basil plant in the floral section of my local grocery store.  What a beauty.  Now I'm just hoping these little guys will survive, especially the thyme, so I can use it for my broccoli soup!


  1. Hello! I'm just finding your blog through another one...and I'm impressed with your garden! We have our first garden this year, and it's been infested w/ pickleworms and aphids. I don't want to use pesticides, but we're getting hardly any produce! I'm going to follow you, b/c you look like you know what you're doing! Help!

    1. Hey, thanks for the visit! I need to get back blogging again! Thankfully we have not had had a lot of pests (other than rabbits - and a fence fixes that problem). We recently got six hens, so if I had any type of insect problem today, I'd let the hens loose on them!