Thursday, January 26, 2012

Update: 100 Math Facts Test

You may recall that at our last parent-teacher conference, there was concern about the upcoming 100 math facts test.  In this timed test, the second graders must complete 100 adding facts in five minutes or less.  I was surprised and completely ecstatic when the results came home.

I checked with Ehren, "Did you do this test with a timer, in five minutes?" Then I double-checked with his teacher too. Yes, it was really true. Christian completed over 80% of the test in time allotted.  That wasn't too shabby either. At our parent-teacher conference this week, I found out they just completed another similar test, and both boys got A's on that one.  I'll be looking forward to seeing that test come home in their folders! More positive things to dwell on.  Now I'm not as apprehensive about the 100 subtraction facts test later this year.  They get six minutes on that one!


  1. Awesome! That's great news. Morgan's been doing well, but was bummed today when it took her slightly over 5 minutes on the homework version. She's been under 5, but I think got out of practice. Usually catch 1 error. 100% under 5 min is a great accomplishment!

    1. There's a lot to learn in second grade. That's what I'm learning :-)

  2. Shaddy just did 100% in just under 6 minutes, which was a MAJOR accomplishment for him. He has timer phobia or something. You set a timer and he is unable to function. Aurghhhh! Last test only made it about halfway through, so this was huge for us. Glad to hear your boys are doing so well with it!