Tuesday, February 28, 2012


I remember last year, one of the boys told me, "[classmate] writes her name in cursive."  They were impressed.  But hey, she had an older sister to teach her, and her name is only four letters long.  The other night Christian showed me he could write his whole name in cursive.   For some reason, I think he's starting to like cursive, even though he dislikes writing in general. 

Then last night, Ehren came home with his name written in cursive on both of his math worksheets.

I like it!


  1. aha, proof that they do still teach cursive in schools! I was wondering. Audrey's handwriting is terrible too, and although important, as I was trying to find a logical excuse for handwriting not to be important (not one), I sorta did. At her last school every kid had an Ipad. Their finger was their pencil. When our kids are in high school I wonder how relevant writing will even be with all the computers, pads, texting, etc. Still a skill they need to master, but food for thought. The boys cursive looks great.

    1. Seriously? Every kid had an iPad? Wow! I'm right on the line between "that's SO cool" and "that's a little excessive". I don't know. Pretty cool, I guess :-)