Wednesday, February 22, 2012

How to Turn Eight

Here's how you turn eight in our house.  First, schedule your birthday on a holiday, so there is no school.  Next, wake up and play a game of Battleship with your brother. 

Then devour some giant, heart-shaped cinnamon rolls. 

After breakfast, send your little sister away for a couple of hours with dad. 

Later, rejoin Dad and Anna to see the matinee showing of Star Wars: Episode I in 3D.

Return to share a family dinner featuring baked salmon, quinoa salad, caesar salad, hot bread and virgin frozen strawberry mojitos with both sets of Grandparents.  Blow out the candles on your {wilted} Thing One and Thing Two cupcakes (hmmm, the flaming blue cotton candy hair melted into the frosting).

Open your presents, including things like grippy nerf footballs, joke books, Diary of a Wimpy Kid books, a new game called "Tilt," and money.  Finally, just before bed, check out the shark and beach cupcakes you get to take to school the next day.


  1. Now that IS how you turn eight! Happy b-day to the boys! Uh, could you be any cuter with your heart shaped cinnamon rolls and cupcakes? {totally stealing those ideas;)

    1. Can I just say Pinterest is my new best friend? I found so many easy, cute cupcake ideas there!