Thursday, February 9, 2012

Stone Soup

Here's our little actress performing in her first play, Stone Soup.  While Anna enjoyed her role as a villager (which is another way of saying she was in the chorus), she was a little disappointed she wasn't one of the kids who got to walk up and drop something into the soup pot.  But hey, when there are almost fifty kids in a play with no speaking parts, there are a lot of villagers.

Clearly I hadn't yet joined Pinterest when I was working on her costume because it didn't win any awards for creativity, but it was very, ahem, bourgeois. Her scarf is a hand-me-down receiving blanket we've had for years.  When it's not part of a villager costume, Anna uses it as a blanket for her dolls.  Her apron is one that her great-aunt Lois sewed in home-ec class back in the fifties or sixties.  I retrieved it from the old dress-up bin in my parents' basement.  Everything else originated from her dresser.

We loved your play last night, Anna!  Good job.

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