Wednesday, April 6, 2011

How Many Tennis Balls?

Today's beautiful fifty-nine degree weather spurred on an impromptu pond cleanup in our backyard.  Just how many tennis balls do you think I found when I strapped on a pair of waders and stepped in?  I lost count, but there were at least fifteen (plus baseballs, Wiffle balls, toy basketballs, and others I couldn't identify).  The previous owners of our house had several dogs and they must not have been retrievers.

And there was plastic.  Plastic bottles, plastic bags, plastic cups, plastic juice pouches, plastic jugs, plastic caps, and a plastic hockey stick just to start the list.  There were chunks and chunks of slimy green Styrofoam (did several Styrofoam coolers explode out there at one point?). 

There's a girl behind this plastic curtain.

Um, teenage date night in the cattails? A bottle of Proactive and a bottle of rum were found together.

Two hefty bags of trash later, we headed back to the house for a different kind of cleanup...

Much needed baths!


  1. This post reminds me of your river clean up years ago...what a revelation to dig & find!

  2. Hm, treasure hunt? Or not. That looks like a lot of work, but made for a very entertaining post.

  3. Alot of work indeed, but I bet the kids had fun. That last pic of your boys is super cute!