Tuesday, April 19, 2011

A New First

The medical doctor on the team that diagnosed Ehren's PDD-NOS told us, "He's lucky to have a sister. She'll be there organizing make-believe tea parties and teaching him manners and correcting his behaviors...". Maybe it was because it was the only time I heard the word "lucky" that day, but for some reason, I always liked this thought, and it has stuck with me.

In real life, I have been worried that Anna has been mimicking some of the boys' bad behaviors because she adores her older brothers. But this week it happened: Not the tea party, but the redirection. The kids went up to listen to the children's sermon at church. During the prayer, Ehren was turning around trying to talk to a girl sitting by him. Anna (who is four) was grabbing his shoulders, turning him around, and generally trying to get Ehren (who is seven) to behave appropriately. It's the first time I've seen her correcting either brother publicly. Afterwards, she of course reported to me that, "Ehren was not being good up there" {you know, in case I hadn't noticed}.


  1. Praise God!! That is AWESOME!!! Go Anna!

  2. Us too -- so lucky we have a little girl to model appropriate behavior for her brothers. This leads me to a blog post I was going to write on the subject....

  3. Well, what if the sister (Audrey) is modeling bad behavior? That's my predicament! However, I do have to say, Audrey is very engaging and Gabe loves it!!!

    I still do feel like I need some sort of sibling group for her though. I'm going to do some checking. She gets upset when she says, "l love you Gabe", and he says....nothing.

  4. What a wonderful post. Noah is always trying to help Nate pronounce his words correctly...which can be frustrating for both of them. Nate has been really affectionate with his little sister and brother lately...I love seeing him like that with them...I turn to mush.