Monday, December 27, 2010

Cajun Christmas

The Cajun bloodlines on my husband's side of the family mandate certain Christmas traditions.

Yes, those are my kids eating raw oysters.  Dad convinced them oysters might taste better if they closed their eyes.  Oyster Tally:  Anna - 3, Ehren - 1, Christian - 0.  What are your unique Christmas traditions?


  1. HAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!! He would!!!

    That's okay-- one day they'll be teenagers. I can't waaaait to see what kind of stuff they come up with to get him back for this. lol

  2. Um.....euw. And I have read 3 out of 4 of your favorite reads, so clearly I need to get Animal Vegetable I can complete the list.

  3. Maybe - Animal, Veg, Mir is very different from the other three. It's non-fiction and follows a family as they attempt to eat only local foods for a year. It sounds boring, but I found it inspiring and also very humorous. I thought I was already pretty down to earth in the food department (growing up, my family raised/harvested a lot of our own food), but it still changed the way I look at food.