Friday, December 10, 2010

It's that time of the year again...

This morning, as I flipped through the radio stations, I heard Katy Perry’s new song, Firework (yes, I’m 41 and I like Katy Perry).  I stopped and cranked it up.  I'm rockin' out to the song, "Baby you're a firework. Come on let your colors burst..." when all of a sudden the music fades, and a mother’s voice is saying, “She can’t do things the way other kids can, so it really made me proud when…”     

Ten minutes later on another station, “This kid … who has Aspergers and has trouble making friends…we're going to give him a new smile so he's not self conscious about it…” Another Christmas wish granted.

Arrived at work and went to get some coffee.  Yesterday’s newpaper is sitting out on the counter with a huge photo of a smiling down syndrome student from a local high school highlighting a story about a student mentoring program for special needs students.

At Christmas, it makes people feel good to take time out to talk about kids with special needs.  Grand and generous unless you're a mom of two kids on the spectrum who likes her 9 hours of denial time at work.

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