Monday, May 30, 2011

Catch of the Day

Memorial Day Weekend is camping time.  This year we had a non-stop fishing weekend on Lake Minnewaska in Starbuck.  Grandpa brought up his new fishing boat.

Saturday night's dinner:  Ehren and Christian's first ever Northerns and one Largemouth Bass!

At first light on Sunday, Ehren's eyes popped open, and he said excitedly, "Is it morning time?"  While the rest of us snoozed in our sleeping bags, he jumped out of his, made a trip over to the bathrooms, found his clothes, got dressed, roused Dad enough to get him to click the remote to unlock the van, got his fishing gear, got his life jacket {after a sleepy reminder from me} and walked over to the docks {a few steps from our tent}.  I decided he needed a little company, so I got out of my sleeping bag, found some clothes and dragged my sleepy head over to watch.  It was around 5:30 am.  Not another soul was out casting on the docks, but one early riser did cruise past us in his boat {he caught a bass while trolling out of the marina into the the main lake}.  We were out of live bait, so Ehren didn't have such good luck, but that didn't deter him, he kept at it non-stop until breakfast at around 8 am. 

After {our cold cereal} breakfast, we all headed out in the boat. 
Dad caught this nice Bass.

Mom caught one too!

We took a break for lunch at the Glenwood Ballroom.  Afterwards, the boys went back out in the boat with Dad, Grandpa and Uncle Gene.  Grandma, Mom and Anna took a nap and then went searching for wildflowers at Glacial Lakes State Park.  Christian landed a cute little Walleye {his first ever}.  Not a keeper, but still fun to catch.

Meanwhile, Ehren fell asleep in the boat {due to his very short night's sleep}.

We heard rain was in the forecast for overnight and Monday morning, so we decided to pack up the tent early and head home Sunday night.  It was a good plan.  We missed the rain and the traffic.

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