Friday, May 27, 2011

Last Day of Preschool

Well, it actually arrived, Anna's last day of preschool.  During the closing program, the kids sang so many beautiful songs for us.  Anna's favorite was "Awesome God." 

For a couple of weeks, Anna has been telling me {often} about a song that her teacher said would make the moms "cry happy tears" at the closing program.  She has sung it to me in a sweet, shy way many times:  "Spend some time with your child everyday.  Hold on to each moment as you may.  Childhood won't last 'cause we grow up so fast.  Spend some time with your child everyday..."  I shed a few tears over it even before the program.  There is never enough time with your child when you are a working mom.  Two words:  "health insurance."  There are some other words too, but this might be the most important reason I have to work a minimum of 30 hours {plus commuting time} per week.

At the program, I kept it together while the kids sung, but shed a few tears during the slideshow at the end of the program.

I will say however, that Anna shed no tears as she enjoyed her long-awaited, post-performance cupcake.

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