Sunday, May 8, 2011

Happy Mother's Day

On Wednesday before Mother's Day, I received this beautiful card from Anna {now proudly displayed in my cube at work as shown below}. 

When I got home from work, she made a beeline for me with the card and present she made in preschool.  She couldn't wait four days for me to open them.  Her excitement alone was gift enough for me, but when I opened the card, I couldn't believe how perfect it was!  She definitely colors more neatly than I did at her age.  Her handwriting is also quite lovely for a four-year old {although she still insists on writing her name in all capital letters -- Kindergarten will be a shocker for her in that respect}.  Part of the reason for her skill might be that she likes drawing more than I did, but I also have to give credit to our au pair Bara, who spends a lot of time writing, coloring and drawing with Anna.

When you compare to my Kindergarten drawing skills {plate made by me [for Mother's Day?]}

or to the boys' Kindergarten coloring skills {Ehren's Santa Maria turned pirate ship, also displayed in my cube at work},

you'll understand my excitement.

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