Friday, May 6, 2011

Last Preschool Field Trip

Today I went with Anna on her last preschool field trip, ever.  Soon I'll be a mother of all school-age children {still taking this in}.  Anyway, we had a great time together.  First, the kids attended a program called, "Let's Get Buggy."  The program leader was great with the kids.  My favorite part was when she had them practice their "silent screams" before she brought around a large centipede {or was it a millipede?  I forget.}.  Afterwards, the kids could walk around with their parents or a chaperone and visit all the zoo animals.

Anna watching Sparky the Sea Lion

"Well, hello friends."

Anna:  "I love this giraffe."
Mom:  "Oops, did that sign say 'no climbing'?"


  1. I remember the yellow shirts. Oh, hugs Gretchen!

  2. I have the same picture, Anna sitting on the giraffe... she was just a little smaller ;)