Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Hey Toothless!

Ehren and Christian's bottom front teeth were on identical schedules. They lost each of those teeth within days of each other. But for some reason, even though Ehren lost both of his top front teeth months ago, Christian's did not want to come out... until this weekend. Right before we piled into the van for our camping trip, he finally lost one.  Now we have another toothless wonder.

Before we got in the car to leave, he penned this note to the Tooth Fairy.  I'll translate:  "Dear Tooth Fairy, I'm going camping at Woodlin [Glenwood].  Give my tooth to Grandpa.  From Christian."  He wanted to make sure he had his bases covered.

Here's the tooth, all ready and waiting for the Tooth Fairy.

He told me about how one of his classmates almost caught the Tooth Fairy, and "he even thought he saw some wings."  I asked Christian if he knew who the Tooth Fairy is.  And he said, "No.  Do you?"  I told him to ask Ehren.  Ehren promptly told him, "Mom's the Tooth Fairy."  I don't make much of Santa, the Easter Bunny and the Tooth Fairy.  I'd rather not feel like I'm telling them fibs.  But I think Christian still wants to believe.

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  1. Cute...Audrey is about to lose her two bottom teeth, first ones. Post in draft. I too, am not into the whole tooth fairy thing. Super cute, love toothless grins.