Saturday, September 3, 2011

Don't Underestimate This Kid

The last day we were at my sister's, everyone was ready to spend a relaxing day on the water.  I left the dock for awhile to check out a big auction at the nearby Mennonite church and school (that experience deserves a post of its own, but I have no photos).  To my great surprise, I returned to a seasoned, five-year-old water skier!  I was in shock.  First, I didn't even know my sister had any kid-sized water skis.  Second, I had no idea anyone was thinking about having the kids try to ski.  Third, Anna just turned five!  My sister and I both love to water ski (she's the better skier by far), but my parents had to nearly drown me several times during my childhood before I could actually ski.  I remember vividly all their unsuccessful attempts to teach me.  I finally learned at age 11, and then I loved it.  But really, FIVE?

Apparently, Anna popped right out of the water on her second try.  She skied several more times and loved it -- quite the little pro.  She was skiing by the dock smiling and waving at her adoring fans.  Anna seems to be so athletically gifted while her brothers struggle with sports.  I sometimes wonder, "What is God planning for this family?"  How will this work out for the boys -- having such a sporty little sister when they struggle?

Well, of course I didn't want Anna lording this over her brothers, so I convinced Ehren to give it a try.  He tried once:  no go.  He tried twice:  got a lot of water up the nose.  He tried a third time:  that was enough already!  I was disappointed, but not surprised {not surprised that he tried it -- he's a champ like that, but not surprised that he failed -- again, not gifted in sports}.

Afterwards, Anna was clamoring for another turn.  We let her ski around behind the little fishing boat for a long time.  When we returned to the dock, I was amazed to find Christian asking to water ski.  He has to come to things on his own terms.  There's no point in trying to convince him to try something, so I was glad (and surprised) that he decided on his own.  Truthfully, I was not hopeful about the outcome.  I don't think Dan was either.  But guess what?  On his second try, that kid popped right out of the water and skied for over four minutes!  He skied through rough water, made it through several turns, and was all around amazing!  I was almost in tears.  Here's short clip from his run on skis.  I had to edit out the sound because I was screaming in encouragement and excitement throughout the video.  Why do I underestimate this kid?  He's apparently a better skier than I was.

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  1. It's so amazing how well you know your children and that you encourage them and respect their differences. You're a great mom! Hope you had a wonderful birthday!