Friday, September 16, 2011

Holy Social, Batman!

When Anna's first piece of Kindergarten artwork came home last week, I was going to do a mock art review, "In her first new work this year, up-and-coming artist Anna Banana creates a memorable mixed media representation of a boat on the water.  This untitled piece layers Crayola washable marker and crayon over graphite to form a bold image splashed with bright neons..."

But then this week, a whole pile of artwork showed up in her backpack, at least 12 pages.  I thought, "Wow, she's spending a lot her free time drawing."  When we finally got a chance to sit down and look at it together, I realized it was more like, "She's spending a lot of time socializing,"  About half of it was exchanges with friends.

I love how in his picture (lower right), Will put Anna in a box with his little brother, while he's above them.  Not sure what that means, but it's all pretty cute to hear about from Anna.  I'm glad she's interacting with her classmates.  And the best part is that I already know two out of these three kids -- the benefits of a small school.


  1. First I just have to say that Anna is a very talented artist, having also seen some of her previous artwork on your blog.

    Audrey used to come home with the same type of thing as above, except the kid's phone number would be on it too...that way they could call each other! Kindergarten? Seems early for phone talking. I think I'm in for it when she becomes a tween!

  2. Wow phone numbers! Actually there was one girl in E & C's class who gave out her phone number to pretty much everyone at Kindergarten orientation! Pretty funny & pretty friendly.

  3. Yup, yikes! Just goes to show I'm in no rush for A to get our phone number correct. Just hope I don't lose her?!

    Name dropped you in my MNblog con post today!