Monday, September 12, 2011

First Week of School in Review

I know the kids have only finished the first week of school, but I was really excited to see these come home in Christian's backpack on Friday.  All A's.

And an "S" and "Much Better!" on Christian's second handwriting sheet this week!  I know what handwriting is supposed to look like in second grade, but as I've said many times, Ehren and Christian get less than satisfactory marks in this area, so this "S" was really exciting.  I know he really wants to to a good job.

Now, updates on the other two.  Ehren's been having a really hard time getting his in-class work done.  He had one "A" and a couple of "B's" on his work this week and no good marks in penmanship.  He can do it.  I just need to help him find a way to work out those wiggles.

It's hard to say exactly what Anna's been up to in her first week of Kindergarten, but I think it's safe to say it's going well.  Each day she comes home with three review questions about what they learned.  She had quick answers for Friday's questions: 

1.  How far away from the bus should we stand? 
She promptly answered, "twenty feet!"  When I asked her how far twenty feet was, she showed me an arm's length.

2. What type of letter do we use to start our name? 
She answered, "um, A!"  I prompted her further, "lowercase or uppercase?"  She answered, "Uppercase!" 

3. What did we read about in the Weekly Reader? 
She answered, "Animals."  I asked, "What was your favorite animal?" She answered, "The baby lions."  I asked, "Do you know what a baby lion is called?"  She knew it, and answered, "A cub!"

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