Monday, August 23, 2010

Day 10 - Glacier National Park

Monday, August 23
Dan, Bara, the kids and I got on the road to Glacier around 8:30 am.  Elsie and Ethan had to squish together into one seat for the ride since we had eight packed into the Caravan.  Unfortunately, just after Hot Springs, there was a lot of construction that slowed us down.

When we got into Glacier, we first drove to Avalanche Lake Campground to get our camping spot and setup camp.  Then we drove to Logan Pass, where we saw the visitor center and hiked the pass.  The sky was cloudy, and the hike was very cold and windy, but spectacular.  The alpine meadows were full of stunning wildflowers.  Along the way, the kids saw marmots, chipmunks, and squirrels.  At the end of the trail, there were mountain goats.  A cute mama and baby were directly under a big rock we were all standing on.  On the way back, Elsie and Ethan saw some far off big horn sheep courtesy of another hiker's telescope.  I was hiking far off the back the whole way because of all the wildflower pictures I took.

Next we did a short hike up Sunrift Gorge.  Due to the American Reinvestment and Recovery Act (Obama stimulus money), there was road construction all along the Going to the Sun road.  The construction wait time was a welcome photography break.  Can you imagine wishing for more road construction delays?  Only on vacation.

Back at the campground, we made a fire and grilled up some delicious Hebrew National hot dogs (my favorite!) and cut up a cantaloupe we brought, careful to remove any sticky sweet trace of the fruit from ourselves and our campsite, so we didn't attract any bears!  After dinner, we had a cozy night together in our huge tent.

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