Friday, August 20, 2010

Day 6 - Whitewater Rafting

Thursday, August 19
Dan, Bara, and all the kids except Anna, packed into the van and headed to Missoula for a whitewater rafting trip. They went on a five-hour rafting trip from noon-5 pm with Lewis and Clark Trail Adventures.

Meanwhile, Anna and I had a quiet day in town with Jenna. We both spent some time on the computer ( for Anna and catchup on email and blogging for me). We lunched at Java River Deli and ate a delicious "Mighty Mandy" (BLT with Avacado) followed by a triple berry smoothie.

When we all rendezvoused at the river lot, I heard a lot of details about all the rapids. Ethan and Ehren were talking over each other trying to tell me about them. The Boat Eater and the Tumbleweed were two of the favorites. Then there was the Triple Bridge, which I'm told is a road bridge, a rail bridge and some other bridge. Bara, Dan, Elsie and Ethan did a lot of paddling. Christian was holding on to the guard rope, ducking down for the rapid runs, but then followed each by saying, "That was great!" See pictures here:

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  1. I am loving all your pictures! Thanks for sharing the blog!