Friday, August 20, 2010

Day 4 - Yellowstone National Park

Good Morning!

Packed up camp and headed to Old Faithful. Upon arrival, we realized that a morning visit to Old Faithful is a GREAT idea. It was much less crowded than when we visited two years ago sometime in the late afternoon. In fact, we got rock star parking right in front of the gift shop, and we got double lucky because we only had to wait about 15 minutes before Old Faithful erupted.

Following the grand event, we hiked the trails behind Old Faithful (it's SO HOT there!). While waiting in the car for the bathroom breaks and souvenir shopping to be over, Anna and I had a heart-to-heart about her future family plans. She asked me, "Mom, when I have a baby, can I name her Cinderella?" I told her she could name her baby whatever she and her husband could agree on. Then I asked her, "What if you have a boy? What will you name him?" She looked at me like, why would I have a boy? But then, after a pause, she answered, "Well, I suppose I could name him Johnson." I honestly have no idea how that came into her head. Heart-to-hearts finished, we all buckled up and headed out of the park. Montana, here we come.

It was mostly a long day of "Are we there yet?" (from the kids) and "Everyone keep your hands to yourself!" (from Mom and Bara), but we made good time without too many stops. Just a quick stop to re-fuel the car and the cooler (Wal-Mart) in Butte. Arrived about 5:30 pm to super excited cousins.  How great to all be together again, finally!

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