Sunday, August 22, 2010

Day 9 - Crawdad Feed

Sunday, August 22
Slept in.  Jenna cooked an egg and hash breakfast on the grill for anyone who was hungry.  Did I mention the stove and the furnace and the fridge in the camper are all kaput?  The new house is going up just in the nick of time.  At 11 am, we all went to church, while Bara went to the office to Skype her sister who was in the hospital.  Her sister had just awoken after 4 days of being unconscious from either a fall or complications from Strep throat.

After perfect weather everyday, we did have a few clouds and a little spotty rain.  After a light lunch, we had a relaxing Sunday afternoon.  I went to the shop to do laundry, the kids played and hung out with Bara and Jenna, and Dan and Anna napped.

In the evening, Jim and Gail, Gail's horseback riding friend Patti, and Brad, Cassandra, and Amanda came over for a fish and crawdad feed.  Most of the fish came from the Wooden's, but the kids also caught a few small bass right before dinner and Elsie cleaned them.

Christian, my picky eater, hammered down the crawdads.  Who would have guessed?  Meanwhile Ehren declared he was "never ever ever ever gonna try one of those" even though he loved playing with them while they were alive.  I'm told that later he did eat one, just one.  The crawdad eating champion, however, was Gail's friend Patti. Patti is originally from Pennsylvania, but you might think she came straight from New Orleans.

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