Saturday, August 21, 2010

Day 8 - Missoula Farmer's Market

August 21
Jenna and I left for the Missoula Farmer's Market at 6 am with her Impala loaded with gluten-free goodies.  Her business partner, Barb, drove separately, so Jenna and I could do some errands after the market.  When we arrived at the market in Missoula, it was easy setting up because there was relatively few items compared to a produce stall.  The market was fun, but unfortunately for the Gluten-free Maniacs, the focus was more on the produce side, so they didn't sell out.  After the market, Barb, Jenna and I had lunch at the Red Robin (decidedly not gluten free, but greasily delicious).  Then Jenna and did a few shopping errands and headed back home.

Meanwhile back at home, Dan, JB, Bara, and the kids took a trip up Vermillion River to visit a friend's gold mine.  Afterward they ate ice cream at the Little Bear and then went back to the river lot for a boat/jet ski ride to the beach.

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