Friday, February 18, 2011

Birthdays (and Cakes) in Review

Wow, were these boys born {almost} seven years ago?  I must be getting old.  Continuing the cake parade from my One Cake Wonder post, here are birthdays 1-5.  You can see the years {most of them} I was tired and not too creative in the cake department.

Fifth Birthday - Ehren
{no picture of Christian w/ his cupcake due to camera problems}

Fourth Birthday - Ehren at preschool
{Crazy!  I bought them Scooby cakes from the store!}

Fourth Birthday - Christian at preschool
{Actually, we couldn't bring homemade cake to preschool.}

Third Birthday - Christian and Ehren

Second Birthday
First Birthday
{Ooohh la la, chocolate frosting from the a can!}
First Birthday - Ehren and Christian
{I had a lot of fun making this figure eight race track cake.}


  1. my mom always made us homemade special cakes for our birthdays too, you make me want to bake a cake! Unfortunately we just wrapped up a bunch of birthdays around here. So I might have to practice with an Easter cake. Or a St. Patty's Day cake.

  2. Where have the last 7 years gone?!?! Happy Birthday Ehren & Christian!