Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Little Milestones

Anna has had a big week.  She started "Learn to Skate" at the beginning of January.  This is where, once a week, prospective preschool hockey players learn how to skate.  {I know, crazy to put those words together:  preschool + hockey?  When I married my husband, I honestly didn't know I was going to have preschool hockey players in my house.  He's a truly amazing hockey dad.  I'm still working up to the title of hockey mom.}  Anyway, after skating, Anna burst through the door throwing her coat off and talking a mile a minute.  I was on the phone at the time and I couldn't understand anything she was was saying, but I heard, "Mom!  Mom!  Moooooommmmm!...."  After hanging up the phone and getting her to slow down, I found out that she made the leap from shuffling on the ice to actually gliding on her skates.  Father and daughter were both excited.

Then last night Dan and I took Anna to Kindergarten Roundup.  All I can say is wow, baby to Kindergarten in no time flat.  I can't believe all our kids will be in school next year!  It was fun to see her with all her future classmates.

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