Saturday, February 19, 2011

No Stress Chess

Ehren and Christian got a game called No Stress Chess for their birthday.  When they opened it, I thought to myself, "They'll never play this."  As predicted, they went for their new Lego sets first.  But an hour later, Christian was opening the chess game, ravenous to set it up.  First he started a game with Grandpa.  Then Ehren wanted in on the action.  With a little coaching, they picked up on the moves and the strategy more quickly than some of the adults in the house.  When kitchen business threatened to shut down the game, Ehren moved it to a table of his own, so they could continue.

They played one full game.  Christian won, and they began a second.  Who knows how long they would have continued if they hadn't been interrupted by more birthday festivities with the grandparents.  {Funny side note: They kept calling the Bishop the "British."} 

The game is a perfect introduction to chess.  It's just like regular chess, except that on each turn, you draw a card that tells you which type of piece to move.  If you can't move that piece, you lose your turn.  If you can move that piece, you must make a move.  Coolest gift ever {from Mom's point of view}!  I can't wait to play with them.

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