Friday, February 4, 2011

Travel Notes - Cozumel Mexico

The second port of call on our recent cruise was Cozumel, Mexico.  Dan and I have been to Cozumel before.  Frankly, aside from the wonderful weather, it's not our favorite stop {it's crazy commercialized}.  The good news is that our ship docked near the town center of San Miguel, so we could take a casual stroll around the shops and restaurants without paying a cab fare. 

The bad news is that passengers are herded through a two-story, winding shopping maze when leaving the ship.  It's ridiculous.  I was so lost that for a minute, I wasn't even sure when I was out on the real street or which direction the town square was.

I had only three goals while in Cozumel:

1)  Find some wi-fi so I could check in at home and see how the kids were doing.
2)  Get the kids a souvenir.
3)  Drink one nice cold beer at a nice cheap Mexican price.

Dan was only interested in goal number 2 and 3 and then he wanted back on the ship to do some quiet poolside reading while all the other people were off the ship.  Here's how we fared.  First, we rode the escalator into Senor Frogs because they advertised free wi-fi, and of course, they have beer.  However, we didn't stay because the music was so loud that there was no way I could sit and quietly nerd out on my iPod.  It was lucky we left because on our way out I heard someone say that a drink there cost $15.

We re-focused on goal number 2 and bought the boys some Spiderman Mexican wrestling masks at a street stand.  Then, after enjoying a cold one, Dan went back to the ship, while I continued shopping.  As a woman alone, I felt like a total spectacle, but I really didn't feel unsafe.  After a lot of wandering in town, I bought Anna a pink dolphin scarf and a little dolphin bracelet at a dollar store {ok, it was a street shop that had a handwritten cardboard sign that said "dollar store"}.  Before re-boarding the ship, I wandered back to the unadventurous comfort of Starbucks for some iced tea and wi-fi.


  1. I loved Cozumel when I was there, oh, must have been 20 years ago now? Sheesh. Great snorkeling and I don't know if it was as commercialized as Cancun at that time.

  2. I was there in '94 and it was a lot different then. We didn't snorkel there this time So I'm not sure if it's still as amazing as it used to be.

  3. We went the year we lived at your place and liked it, but compared to our cruise who wouldn't? Where's the place you have loved traveling the most? We need to put some more stamps on our passports someday soon :)