Wednesday, February 9, 2011

The Miracle of the Moon

One night as we left Grandma's house, the boys ran ahead to get in the van (this was around Christmas and they were highly motivated to get home and play with their new toys).  It was a beautiful moonlit night with clouds moving through the sky.  When I came outside, Ehren and Christian were both standing beside the van saying, "Mom, Mom, look at the moon.  It's moving!  Mom, it's really moving."  I tried to convince them that is was the clouds that were moving, not the moon, but then they took it up and notch, and said, "No just look, Mom.  It's a miracle."  On my second trip back into the house, Anna overheard me laughing about this with my Mom and Bara.  She marched out and told the boys very matter of factly, "It's just the clouds moving, not the moon."  But they were not convinced.

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