Sunday, February 6, 2011

Our Own Stanley Cup for Superbowl Sunday

I think we might have a new Superbowl Sunday tradition.  For the second year in a row, we were invited to our friends' house for Superbowl Sunday.  This year, we decided to play our own family hockey game before the watching the football game.  I wish I had pictures, but I forgot my camera.  Besides, I was too busy sliding around on the pond ice trying to stay upright on my skates {holding a hockey stick does help a lot}. 

It was a perfect day for pond hockey with the temperature holding at around 28 degrees {balmy skating weather and no mushy ice}.  Picture twelve of us out there skating:  a three year old, 2 four year olds, 3 six year olds, a third grader, a sixth grader, and 4 adults.  We played two games, and it was really fun.  Even Anna was out there skating around with a stick and a puck.  Thanks neighbors for a great day!

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